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Forza Week in Review 5-18-18

Brian Ekberg
Friday, May 18, 2018


What a week! As some of you may know, Forza Motorsport 7 made an appearance on the most recent episode of Inside Xbox (see below for the Forza segment itself). The focus was on the past, present, and future of Forza Motorsport 7 and, during the show, we talked about some new features that the team is working on behind the scenes here at Turn 10. More than that, for the first time in Forza history, we showed off work-in-progress features for a currently released Forza game. Things like our new race regulation system, a new experimental Drag Racing feature that will be coming into the game, new Drift features, as well as some more detail on our plans for new cars in the game. In short, it was a fantastic opportunity for us to open up about the hard work that’s happening behind the curtains these days and to talk about features and content that we can’t wait for the community to see.



Let’s break it all down in a bit more detail:


Race Regulations

You’ve wanted it, we’ve wanted it, and now it’s on its way. Yesterday we announced our upcoming race regulations system (colloquially known around the community as a “player penalty system”).


The new system – which is still in development and will be rolled out in several stages – is being designed not just as a tool to deal with griefers but also as a method of teaching players of all skill levels what is and what is not allowed online in a Forza race. It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited for this feature to come into the game – we want to make all Forza Motorsport players better racers.


The system starts with our new and improved track limits system. The team has gone through every track and ribbon in Forza Motorsport 7 and rebuilt track limits by hand. Our goal is to bring consistency and predictability to track limits across the board. We’re also giving players more visibility into those track limits, with a new option that illuminates track edges and will give players a color-coded warning when they’re getting close to the edge.


Admittedly we didn’t have a lot of time to explain the details of the race regulations system in yesterday’s show segment. I know that the community is hotly anticipating more details on the race regulation system and rest assured we’ll have more to share in the future. It’s a common refrain you hear from me but it fits here: stay tuned for more as we have lots to share.


Weekly photo contest winner by FRT Geovani


Time Attack

Coming hand-in-hand with the reveal of our new track limits system is the announcement that we are bringing Time Attack (aka multi-class, multi-ribbon Rivals) into Forza Motorsport 7. This was a fan favorite feature in Forza Motorsport 6 – with every track ribbon having an associated Rivals leaderboard per car class – and we’ve heard loud and clear that players wanted it in Forza 7. Naturally, the new Time Attack mode will take advantage of the new track limits feature and we look forward to rolling the feature out in the future. Again, no details on dates yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop.


‘Experimental’ Drag

In addition to spending tons of time collecting and reacting to community feedback – as well as implementing community requested features like the ones above – the team has been hard at work on some brand new experiences. Yesterday we showed off one of those new modes – our “experimental” Drag Race feature. This is an opportunity for the team to put a new spin on a tried-and-true mode like drag racing. Unlike traditional drag racing lobbies in multiplayer, the “experimental” drag feature will debut in Free Play and initially be a single player-only experience. We’re intentionally limiting the feature at the outset so we can gather feedback from players. We want to see what they like and what they don’t like, so that the team can react as we prepare for possibly bringing the mode into the game in a more full-fledged form.


There’s a lot to appreciate with this mode – we’ve got some new drag features in there like a Christmas tree start light, the ability to spin your tires before the start, lots of drag-related stats (Trap Speed, Reaction Time, 60-ft Time, etc.) at the end of a run, and more. But what I love about “experimental” Drag the most? It’s fast! Unlike multiplayer drag lobbies where you might wait for a minute before getting back to the start-line, “experimental” drag races are bang-bang quick. Essentially as soon as you cross the finish line, you’re a button press away from loading back to the start and going again.


This new Drag experiment is something we’re really fired up about at Turn 10 and we can’t wait to turn it loose to players and get your feedback.


Weekly photo contest winner by WheezyARMANDO


Cars & Cars & Cars

Obviously we love our vehicles here at Forza Motorsport 7 and we’ve got lots of good news on this front. First up, as with the 2018 Honda Civic Type R which debuted this month as a free car for all players, we’ve got more free cars on the way in June and beyond. If you’re a Car Pass owner, we also have two new packs arriving in the future and both will be included for all Car Pass owners. Finally, we heard from those in the community who missed out on the Hoonigan Car Pack pre-order opportunity but still want those cars in the game. Starting next month, the Hoonigan Car Pack will be available for purchase by everyone – and if you’ve got the Car Pass, the Hoonigan Cars will be included.


So, as you can see, there’s lots going on with Forza Motorsport 7. I love the energy around the team right now, who are excited to still be so focused on the game and building great stuff for our players. We’ll have much more to say about these features and more in the coming months, so be sure to plugged in here to the Web site and our weekly streams  for the very latest.


Now, on with the Week in Review!


Weekly photo contest winner by holden88805


IndyCar Challenge Update

Oh, that oval. Don’t even get me started on the existential dread that is the leaderboard for the ForzaRC IndyCar Challenge event at the Brickyard. Here’s some perspective: the global top time for this event is, as of this writing, a 38.119 (held by JSR Rayzer JDM). Personally, I’m sitting at a 38.437, a mere three-tenths off the top time. But it might as well be eight seconds or more. I’m languishing outside the top 1000, because I’m less than half a second slower. That’s the power and poison of oval racing.


Of course there are two events going on right now – the Brickyard event, as well as an event on the current Indy Grand Prix course. You can find both of these events in the “ForzaRC” channel of Rivals events and, as I laid out in last week’s edition of the Week in Review, there’s a ton of great rewards up for completing these events and beating the competition.


And speaking of the competition, what a field of drivers we have for you. Four IndyCar drivers – James Hinchcliffe, Conor Daly, Robert Wickens, and Josef Newgarden – are in the fight this month and, so far, three of the four have been putting up quite a fight.



Here’s how the IndyCar guys line up as of this writing:


Indy Brickyard Event
Josef Newgarden (GT: JNRACERTPX2) – 38.287

James Hinchcliffe (GT: Hinchcliffe5) – 38.312

Conor Daly (GT: Kart2221) – 38.493

Robert Wickens – (GT: Wickens6) – No current time


Indy Grand Prix Event

Josef Newgarden (GT: JNRACERTPX2) – 1:10.241

Conor Daly (GT: Kart2221) – 1:11.530

James Hinchcliffe (GT: Hinchcliffe5) – 1:11.539

Robert Wickens – (GT: Wickens6) – No current time


It will be interesting to see how Wickens’ times compare once he’s posted. Obviously, Josef has to be considered the favorite here but Hinch has shown himself to be a worthy competitor, especially on that oval course. Look for more updates throughout the month of May and good luck on the track!


Weekly photo contest winner by Brokenvegetable


ForzaRC Round 3 Update

Round 3 of the ForzaRC Series 1 is officially done and dusted, and the global leaderboards have a very exciting story to share. Ten of the top 15 slots are made up of European drivers and, while TX3 Lightning manages to keep his spot in the top 3 after some challenging Round 3 races, his teammate Hard BR once again resumed his position at the top of the leaderboard. G2 Laige’s tough times in Round 3 are reflected in his slipping from third overall to fifth overall, but little wonder that he’s still considered one of the drivers to beat.


The final round for the Forza Racing Championship Series 1 will culminate in our next Wednesday Showdown, coming on Wednesday, May 23, with broadcasts at noon Pacific and 6 p.m. Pacific. This will be the final Wednesday Showdown before our Series 1 Playoffs in June. Don’t miss all of the action over at the ForzaRC Website.


Leagues Update – Pass the Pack

The next League for Forza Motorsport 7 kicks off this weekend. It’s called “Pass the Pack” and will feature four new series of race events, ending in mid-June. As in our previous season, we’ll have four monthly events each week to check out, including some fun unique series like Class Ghost races and Drift Ghost. Here’s a look at what’s coming for Series 1 of the new season:


EVENT 01 – Ghost – Sport GT

EVENT 02 – Simulation – Major Micros

EVENT 03 – Spec Ghost – 2010 Aston Martin One-77

EVENT 04 – Cosmetic – Honda Manufacturer

Series 1 Reward: 2011 BMW X5 M

Pass the Pack Season Reward: 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe


Weekly photo contest winner by Snooty


Specialty Dealer Updates

The Forza Motorsport 7 Specialty Dealer will undergo some changes next week. We will have three cars in the Specialty Dealer each but, starting next week, two of those cars will be completely new to the vendor. The majority of these exclusive cars have been given away in other events, but all of the new cars will be ones that have never appeared in Specialty Dealer before, so this will be  a great chance to gain access to exclusive cars you might have missed the first time around.


FH3 #Forzathon – What’s Old is New Again

Feel like a race car to perk up your cruising life in Australia? This week’s #Forzathon event in Forza Horizon 3 is themed “What’s Old Is New Again” and the #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MkIIIB is up for grabs, along with wheelspins, credits, and XP. Take a look:



I’m looking forward to another fun edition of #ForzaFriday today. I’ll be chatting about the Forza Motorsport 7 appearance on Inside Xbox, plus all the features we announced. We’ll be checking out the IndyCar Challenge events, as well as our new Community Rivals poll winner event, and of course, playing Forza 7 with all of you. Don’t miss the show on Mixer starting at 3 p.m. Pacific!