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Forza Motorsport Week in Review 1-15-16

Brian Ekberg
Friday, January 15, 2016

If you missed last week’s edition of the Week in Review, let’s do a quick recap: During the month of January, you can earn yourself an exclusive bonus car – the 1972 Ferrari #2 Ferrari Automobili 312 P – by playing in a special League event we have going. The event, dubbed the “Can-Am Connection”, is being run weekly. To earn your car, all you have to do is finish in the top 50th percentile of the weekly league. Keep in mind, this is per division – so if you’re racing in the Grassroots division, you won’t have to put up Pinnacle-division-type times in order to win a car. Instead, you’re only competing against the players in your division.


As of today (Friday) the League has moved on to its second week, and we hope to be gifting out the unicorn cars to the winners from Week 1 early next week. Keep in mind, gifting is a relatively manual process, so it takes some time. Keep an eye on our Twitter account (@ForzaMotorsport) for a notice letting you know when the 312 P bonus cars have been sent! And if you didn’t win a car after last week’s League wrapped up, fear not! You’ve still got two weeks to do y our best and earn your way into the driver’s seat of that 312 P.


For those of you who aren’t racers but still want a shot at the Ferrari, know that we’ll have additional ways to get the car in the future. For now, though, get yourself to Leagues and see what you can do in the month of January!


Forza Motorsport 6 weekly photo contest winner by thepigfarmer.


Formula E Race Off

Prost vs. Senna. It’s a classic rivalry that takes race fans back to the glory days of Formula 1. Now that legendary competition is being taken up once again in a brand new series – Formula E – where drivers Bruno Senna and Nico Prost currently compete. In addition to competing on the real Formula E circuit, the two drivers will soon face off in Forza Motorsport 6 with the “Formula E Race Off”, which will be held on January 23 at the Gfinity Arena in London. Fans will have chance to compare their best lap times with other Forza fans and go wheel-to-wheel against their favorite drivers, streamed across Formula E’s official Twitch and  YouTube channels. For more on this exciting event, check out the Race Off site and look for details on how to get involved in the near future. In the meantime, Formula E suggests players get practicing and putting in time on tracks like Prague, Rio, Long Beach, and the Top Gear Test Track. Look for more soon!



Formula Mazda #ForzaFriday


We did something different for last week’s #ForzaFriday show on Twitch. Normally, I pile into a lobby and play multiplayer Forza 6 with as many viewers as possible. On Friday, however, we formalized things a bit – running an unofficial official Formula Mazda series. The Formula Mazda race car, a new addition to Forza 6 as part of the Polo Red Car Pack, has quickly rocketed to the top of my daily “must drive” list. What better way to celebrate it than with some structured racing with some of my closest Forza buddies?


So, there we were, bouncing around in our all-stock 180hp Formula Mazda race cars for an hour or so on Twitch, and it was a great time. You can view the full replay of the show here to get an idea of how it all went down. Congrats to Forza players MostPuff and DrBeck, who were the top two finishers in our tossed-together championship. (I’d include that I came in third overall, but that would be bragging so I won’t even mention it. Oops!)


I had so much fun that I’d be up for doing the exact same series in today’s #ForzaFriday livestream. We’ll see if that pans out, or if we go in a completely different direction, beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific over on our Twitch channel. Don’t miss it!


Forza Motorsport 6 weekly photo contest winner by Lego33.


IGN Award & DICE nomination


Last week, we found out that Forza Motorsport 6 has won the “Racing Game of the Year” award by IGN and, this week, we were notified that we are nominated for a D.I.C.E. award as “Racing Game of the Year” from the Academy of Arts & Sciences. We’re honored by both of these distinctions; thanks to both organizations for their consideration.



Heavy Metal HyperSport


When it comes to hypercars, Heavy Metal Affliction has been on a roll these days. A few weeks ago our own Johniwanna published a great interview with Koenigsegg One:1 creator Christian von Koenigsegg and, this week, he nailed another one: Ralph Debbas, the creator of the W Motors Lykan HyperSport. The Lykan is one of the cars in the Polo Red Car Pack, so the timing for this interview couldn’t be better and Debbas (as well as the other W Motors employees who contributed to the interview) gave some insight into how this upstart maker of ultra-luxury performance cars came to be. Did you know, for example, that the exclusive clients who purchase a Lykan also receive a custom-made wristwatch designed to match the car they’ve purchased (right down to the custom paint job)?


Check out the full interview for all the details, and some stunning real-life photos of the Lykan at its best.


Forza Motorsport 6 weekly photo contest winner by stevenwood93185.


2016 Racing and Automotive Calendar


With the new year just begun, it’s a great time to make some for the year ahead, especially for racing fans. If you’re looking for help on this front, then you need to check out the Forza Forums and, in particular, the 2016 Racing and Automotive Calendar thread by the Forza Community’s own ManteoMax. With a month-by-month breakdown of practically every big racing and automotive event happening this car year, as well as links to all the big racing series, and series-specific posts, this is a must-watch thread. Thanks to Max for all his hard work in putting this thread together!



Detroit Auto Show Pics


This week saw the latest edition of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (also known as the Detroit Auto Show). Forza fans might recall that, one year ago this week, the NAIAS also saw the worldwide announcement of the 2017 Ford GT as well as the game on which that car would star: Forza Motorsport 6! While this week’s NAIAS didn’t include any blockbuster Forza news, we were on hand in Detroit. Here’s a few shots of some of the cars we saw at the show – look for more in next week’s edition of the Rear View Mirror.


That about wraps up this week’s edition of the Week in Review. Join us at 3 p.m. today on Twitch for #ForzaFriday and we’ll see you next week!