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Forza Motorsport Week in Review 10-24-14

Brian Ekberg
Friday, October 24, 2014

Last December of last year, I spent an afternoon exploring the massive Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, located outside of my hometown of Birmingham, AL. Sure the Barber Museum may be heavily motorcycle centric, but it was still heaven for a motorsports fan like me; floor after floor of historic examples from the entire history of two-wheeled racing. There’s something about a great museum experience, especially where automotive culture is involved, that elevates the subject and the surrounding at once.


That’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to announce this week that the Forza Motorsport Experience is coming to the soon-to-be-renovated The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. Announced at last weekend’s Bold Moves Gala – the last major event at the museum before the Petersen shuts down for a year to be completely renovated – the Forza Motorsport Experience will focus on the influence of video games on car culture and vice versa. We don’t want to spoil the experience this far out but visitors will be able to experience simulators, gaming stations, and immersive visuals. In other words, it’s going be awesome. I can’t wait to see it and bring you guys a full report when the time is right. Stay tuned.


As part of last weekend’s Bold Moves Gala, a few lucky Forza fans were invited to be part of the party. One of the invitees was Los Angeles local Darron Smith, who brought us this report from the event:



“The above photograph is a sneak peek of the re-envisioned Petersen Automotive Museum (PAM) set to open in October of 2015. The unusual design that shrouds the building is meant to evoke aerodynamic physics as they sweep over the surface of an automobile. Pretty bold decision, so it's fitting that the event I attended at the current PAM on October 18, courtesy of Turn 10 Studios, was called BOLD MOVES. This event had a two-pronged purpose; one of which was to celebrate twenty years of providing the Los Angeles area with a premier place to appreciate the automobile in all its glory, and secondly, it was a last hurrah before shutting its doors for a year while renovations take place.


“Upon arrival, my guest and I went to the rooftop for the open bar. The following picture was taken pretty early. Approximately 15 minutes after this picture was taken, the rooftop was packed with nicely dressed people eager to enjoy a night of great food, a silent auction, good conversation topped off with a live performance from The Beach Boys!



“Shortly after being seated at our table (all of the tables were named after famous racetracks. We were at the Texas International Motor Speedway), the following people arrived shortly thereafter: Community Manager from Ready at Dawn and fellow Forza fan J Goldberg, Group Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Guy Welch, Senior Partner Manager for Turn 10 Kim Wolfkill and... wait for it... professional racecar drivers and television personalities Tommy Kendall and Tanner Foust! Sitting at our table.. like it was nothing! I was beside myself.


Tanner Foust, Top Gear’s Pat Devereux, Darron Smith, and Turn 10’s Kim Wolfkill


“You might be thinking, ‘This is great and all, but what does it really have to do with Forza directly?’ Well, a short film was shown that highlighted the changes and additions that we can all look forward to when the museum re-opens next year, and one of those additions is the premier debut of The Forza Motorsport Experience, which appeared to be an area or hall within the museum that showcases Forza-branded virtual racing experiences.


“During the evening, there was a silent auction were the following items found new homes: Two of The Beach Boys' guitars (Fender and Stratocaster), racing prints from the Petersen archives signed by racing legends Dan Gurney and Parnelli Jones themselves, a Zero DS electric motorcycle, and too many other cool items to list here.



“After the silent auction, several awards were bestowed upon worthy recipients. The final award was the Spirit Award, and it was given to Michael E. Love, founding member of The Beach Boys, after which they performed several of their car culture classics like ‘Little Deuce Coupe,’ ‘409,’ and ‘Fun Fun Fun '57 T-Bird’ among others. Personally, I like that ‘Kokomo’ made an appearance!



“It was a fantastic night and an honor to meet and converse with everyone. Great food, great people and great music. What more could anyone want? My gratitude goes to those that made it possible at Turn 10! I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the Forza Motorsport Experience is like!”


Forza Horizon 2 Content Update

Today we released the most recent content update for Forza Horizon 2. In addition to numerous stability fixes, today’s update contains a number of improvements to the game and addresses some known issues with the game. The improvements made in today’s CU include:


· The Wheelspin feature now includes a “Collect” option to allow players the option to collect the current prize and not spin again when multiple prizes are queued up

· In photo mode, players can choose which corner a Forza Horizon 2 watermark is placed on their screenshots.

· Players now have the option to remove all HUD elements when driving

· Audio issue with the Skyline GT-R R32 has been fixed

· Numerous exploits on circuit events have been fixed

· Crash when controller disconnected while using a headset is fixed


Weekend Livestreams: The Gauntlet and Extra Life!

We’ve got two exciting Forza livestreams happening in the next two days that I wanted to make you aware of. First up, starting today at 3 p.m., we’ll be running The Gauntlet, a special Rivals event in Forza Horizon 2. Originally, Yours Truly was going to host this event but our own Johniwanna is going to step in as the host and the man you’ll all be chasing. The idea is simple: John will be running through a succession of Rivals events that will only be open for a brief stretch of time. After 15 minutes, each event will open and the Forza community will have time to try and beat his best time. At the end of the show, all the Rivals events shut down and we’ll be awarding in-game credits to all those who beat John’s time. Tune in to the official Forza Motorsport Twitch channel to take part in this exclusive live event and good luck!


On Saturday, October 25, Forza will be taking part in the Microsoft Games Studios Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Members of the MGS community team will be playing awesome Xbox One games like Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, and more. I’ll be joining the fun beginning at 10 p.m. Pacific to play Forza Horizon 2 with viewers and I encourage you to tune over at the official Xbox Twitch page in if you can. And, even if you can’t watch, please consider making a donation to this worthy cause. For more information on the 24-hour stream, check out the details over at the MGS blog. I hope to see you there!


Forza Horizon 2 Intro

Here’s a fun find from this week – a fan-made video featuring the amazing intro video from Forza Horizon 2 with some wonderful Spanish voiceover work. Whoever this actress is – I hope she’s got some voice talent gigs lined up. Check it out:



Slot Car Heaven

With the holidays nearly upon us here in the States, we wanted to quickly add this to the official Forza Holiday Wish List: a custom-made slot car race track based on any real-world track in the world. Luxury department store Neiman Marcus is known for outrageous gifts this time of year but this one hits us right in the heartstrings. Imagine having a fully realized version of Le Mans or the Nürburgring in your basement, your buddies over for some prime time slot car racing, and race car legend and U.S. Formula One announcer David Hobbs on hand to call the action! Quite literally, it doesn’t get better than that.


The price tag for this slot car fantasy land? A cool $300,000. So, yeah, unless you guys want to pool some cash together, that takes it off my list. Maybe next year?


Thanks for reading folks, that’s it for this week. Thanks to VIPERZEROO for the photo used in the Week in Review thumbnail.