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Rear View Mirror 12-1-14

John Schommer
Monday, December 1, 2014

Somehow I found some time on my hands this holiday weekend to spend playing Forza Horizon 2. In doing so, I seemed to have tapped my inner Stig, and a few hours of play resulted in many top 15 to top 50 times in the bevy of cross-country festival routes.


Sure, I’ve still got room to improve. Sure I have yet to take my skills to the pavement but, all in due time, all in due time. Keep your eye on me folks, johniwanna is throwing down. Send me a friend request on Xbox One, I am looking for more people to send “love letters” to.


Now with my bragging out of the way, here is a Forza-focused edition of RVM.


Some Like It Hot!

Last week, I posted on my personal Facebook page about my personal love of the “hipster ketchup,” known as Sriracha. If you haven’t tried it, it is spicy and sweet and goes good on anything. The post was “Some foods are nothing more than vehicles for the consumption of Sriracha.” I thought nothing more of it, but it led to gifts and surprises.


First off, my friend Shuttle Pilot, who, with his sweetheart Vanagon Syncro, were featured in Heavy Metal Affliction this past summer, gave me a container of a similar sauce he sponsored into existence on Kickstarter. It’s quite awesome.


Secondly, and even more awesomely, my friends at BDI, created this awesome Sriracha taco truck for me:


The johniwanna Sriracha taco truck from BIG DADDY 5637


Yes, I know, Sriracha is Asian and tacos are Mexican. Doesn’t matter. Like I said, Sriracha goes good on anything. This thing looks sweet when it’s parked anywhere there are hungry folks or when it’s slinging rocks on the Castelletto East Forest Trail.


You can pick up your johniwanna taco truck by putting “BDI” in the description field when searching for liveries for the Ford Transit Van in Forza Horizon 2. There’s a matching C-Class tune as well. Look for this rig to be taking over the C-Class leaderboards in Forza Horizon 2 very soon. Like, say, tomorrow at 1 p.m. Pacific on the #ForzaHorizonTuesdays Twitch livestream.


December DLC Clue thread

Hopefully, you have had a chance to throw out a guess in the December DLC Clue Thread, which we posted on Wednesday afternoon, just before our Thanksgiving break. A brief perusal of the thread shows that a couple of my clues led to many correct answers. The other clues seem to have you stumped.


Fear not, all the cars of the pack will be announced tomorrow at 6 a.m. Pacific and the pack will be available to download later in the day.Here are a couple RVM-exclusive clues for you:


Clue two for Car #1:

Even the whine of the supercharger is subdued in this ride. That’s what its prospective owners prefer, solace.

Clue two for Car #3:

Get some extra points with your significant other for doing burnouts with both tires straight from the factory in this ride.

Clue two for Car #5:

You don’t have to have a huge moustache to appreciate this car, but it helps.

Clue two for Car #6:

If you were on a spree you would definitely want add this to your shopping list.


Forza Racing Network Fast and Furious Photo Comp

Outside the Forza forums, one of the best ways to make friends that love Forza games is the magic of Facebook. I am personally a part of three of the larger groups, Forza Showrooms, Vandalism Digital Motorsports, and the most recent startup Forza Racing Network.


As you can imagine, my news feed is full of Forza posts, contests, automotive banter, and lots of cool photos. When I saw this photo from SPQR Jackson, at first I just thought it was a clip from the original Fast and Furious movie. As I continued to stare in disbelief, I noticed it was an FRN contest entry shot from Forza 5. Along with many comments declaring this photo the obvious winner, I shared my appreciation.


Again, I am amazed at the talent and attention to detail the folks of this community put in to their photos and liveries. Join me in congratulating SPQR Jackson on his apparent win in the RVM thread.


Photo and livery from  from SPQR Jackson


Thanks a Million Winners

Over the holiday weekend we put up a pair of special Rivals events, one in Forza Motorsport 5 and one in Forza Horizon 2. Mechberg talked about it in the Week in Review last Wednesday. It was an opportunity to show your stuff and possibly win credits. A lot of folks participated and here are a couple of the highlights.


Congrats to overall winner Fast Peregrine with a combined time of 03:50.964.


BAM ASIX13 won the Forza Motorsport 5 portion with a time of 02:13.694


The Forza Horizon 2 winner was Vigilante HD with a time of 01:33.198


SalientLemon1 was the random winner. Certainly he won’t be bitter about this.


More Oven, the unofficial club of the Turn 10 Community Team had 15 top 200 times which was the best of any club. Toot-toot! Yes, I am a member of More Oven.


Heavy Metal Affliction Instagram Hits 100 Followers

The first milestone in attracting interest in the cool photos of Heavy Metal Affliction has been hit. After a little push, we now have more than 100 followers on the HMA Instagram. If you are of the photographic interest type, then give us a follow. It’s one more way to get your daily automotive fix.


A new photo every day, and always from a wide variety of car types, not just VWs and Porsches. I’m hoping to see your IG tag as the next follower as we strike out for the big 200. Also,I could use your help in coming up with hashtags that will draw more followers. Post your best, or most humorous, hashtag suggestions in the RVM thread. I’ll reward the best posts with credit gifts.


Cyber-Monday Sale in the Forza Store

If you were too busy fighting the crowds for the best deals on cool stuff well you lucked out. The 40% off deals in the Forza Store have been extended through tomorrow.



Score some Forza stuff on Cyber-Monday -- or tomorrow -- while prices are slashed. You know you need a Forza short to show your love right? Well, not really, but, it helps.


F4H 24 Hours of Nürburgring

Looking for a true test of your Forza skills and possibly a tough test of your bladder? The folks at The Online Racing Association have a new race event that will challenge anyone. Take a look at this callout for players from guys at TORA:


“The Pro Endurance comes to TORA once again but in the shape of The Green Hell. On December 13th we will be hosting and staging the annual N24 (yes 24 hours of the ring) at the Nürburgring + GP layout. This will include a multi-class field of GT and TCC cars with teams of 3-4 drivers taking on this grueling challenge. Qualifying begins on Sunday the December 7 to determine where your team will place on the field. Sign ups are coming in thick and fast with 60+ drivers already confirmed for the event.


A beautiful shot of the Audi doing it’s thing at the Ring from Seps1974


“To entice more entrants we have some choice prizes to give away. Turn 10 have kindly offered an array of DLC packs for both FM5 and FH2 and F4H Motorsport has put forward $100 (to date) as additional prize money for the winners. We at F4H have decided that should we win, our winnings will go to Extra Life - a charity that helps children in the Children’s Miracle network hospitals in the U.S.


“This is a very challenging event. The event will consist of eleven 1 hr 50 min stints and a 12th stint of 2 hrs. The 10 minutes in-between are for driver changes and setting up the lobbies. As always, these events bring out the very best in everyone and offer fantastic competition for the competitor. If you love racing, if you want to challenge yourself against the best then this is the event for you. Registration is free and all you have to do is sign up here to get yourself down on the entry list.”


Well, there is plenty to keep you busy while you are resting your racing fingers. Now have fun and I will see you on the leaderboards—!