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In Focus 7-2-14

Ian Webster
Wednesday, July 2, 2014



Hey there everyone and thanks for joining me for another edition of In Focus in which we take a look at the stunning paintwork of SnakeEyes Friex and announce the winners of the Wk 13 In Focus Photo Contest.


If you’re in any way involved in the Forza paint scene, then the name SnakeEyes Friex will surely be familiar to you. Boasting a rich and diverse portfolio of liveries stretching back across numerous Forza titles, his is one of the richest catalogues of work out there in the community, and it’s my pleasure to be able to feature him this week.


Mr. Friex, over to you!


Creator Spotlight – SnakeEyes Friex




My name is Rob, I’m from the Netherlands, and I’ve been painting since 2007. Painting in Forza has always been a way for me to create car liveries that I can’t do in real life; I’m a signmaker and I get to put vinyls on cars, but never in the way we can in Forza.


I’m also really into details and that’s why I love the new layer limit, although we have to work cleaner then ever before (because of what can be seen on the cars while in the menu’s and racing the cars), the new layer limit lets us create more and more detailed images and logos.


My inspiration for paints usually comes from seeing an image that gives me an idea for a paint or makes me think of what that image will look like on a car. I usually try to paint images that challenge me in some way, like the Batman cars I've done, the way they look now is how I imagined them to look so the challenge was to get all the items in, the logo's, the characters and the background....

Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex

How I Got into Painting

The first Forza I played was Forza Motorsport 2; I was interested in race games at that time and thought I really should try a simulation racer. The very first car i bought i tried the editor adding like 10 shapes to make it unique. Sort of... basically I just added a couple shapes and decals so there wasn’t really much there.

After signing up to the forums I started seeing other painters doing unbelievable work, and I started to wonder if I could maybe do that too... So I started doing Fast and Furious cars, Dutch police, fire department and ambulance paints, copying a friends diecast models decals, etc.

After a while I did my first requested paint, anime stuff, an airplane striping, all taking huge amounts of time, but I was getting faster with each paint, my wife asked me if I could paint a “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” paint. The image took about 200 layers and 20 hours to get it 'right.' Looking back, it looks ok, but it does have a painted look so I'm still really happy with it ;)

Then the military pin up project caught my attention, and in the end i painted 2 of the 4/5 designs and helped 1 of the other painters finish theirs; very cool time for me, contacting people who wanted the cars, selling them and getting some great feedback from the community!

After that I entered my first comp, Beauty and the Beast.... Painting a Mystique and a Rebecca Romijn-Stamos car ... Not so good ... ;) I had not used enough of the gradients ;) so I started to do more photo real stuff and 'impossible' requests (images people thought would not be paintable) pulling them off was great!! Really boosting my confidence!

Finally making a name for myself I started getting colab requests from other painters, some of which I somehow wasn't able to do until FM3 had been released.

An awesome time in my Forza 'career' :)

In Forza 3 i saw kc tigerfan's rapper cars and asked him if he would be doing an LL Cool J car, he said he was but if I wanted to do it he'd keep it as a maybe. I always wanted to do an LL design so it was a good time to try it!
It became one of my best paints and to a lot of people an example of how realistic paints could look! :D


Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex


Forza 4 and Forza Horizon were very cool games to play but I didn’t paint as much as I had done before. I did try to keep in touch with the community giving advice and creating signatures for anyone who asked (if I had time to do it).


Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex


Finally I got my hands on an Xbox One and Forza Motorsport 5. WOW, great visuals , more layers and a sharper end result on the cars! I have only been playing it since March but I’ve done a couple of cool paints already, starting with a fanart design for warren lou, and putting the work in progress image on a car so I could race it with my livery on it… people started asking me to share it…. Even though it wasn’t finished I put some effort into adding a layout to it and shared it…. Last time I looked it was my most downloaded and used design…..


Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex


I have also hosted the Retro Cartoon Contest three times and always loved what the community members picked to do, seeing some old favorites and a couple I had already forgotten…..


I always try to create a RCC design myself and the last one I did was Darkwing Duck


Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex


After talking to ‘panamagoo’ for whom I had done loads of requests in the Forza 2 days, I asked him for a couple cool images… and that’s how I got started on Rocket Raccoon….


Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex


Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex


Seeing that design in a top nine best designs countdown as well as in the Upload Studio Top 10 livery countdown was absolutely awesome! It was great to see other community members in that list too!


My latest design is ‘Pepper Project’, a design based on artwork from Stanley ‘artgerm’ Lau, I was looking for an image of his I could paint and after talking to ‘Janda the Red’ I decided to take on the pepper image. Photoshopping a design onto a car before ever doing anything in Forza, I got the layout as I liked it. Janda then sent me a list of decals I could use for the car and gave me some advice in colouring and placement. Kind of a collab, or at least that’s how I think about it…


Photo and livery by SnakeEyes Friex


Thanks so much for letting me be apart of ‘In Focus’, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my liveries. It means very much to me!


If you want to check out more of my work, then please take a look at the links below:


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In Focus Photo Contest Wk 13 Winners

Many thanks again to everyone who entered the latest In Focus photo contest, your winners can be found below. Congrats to all the winners!


Photo by BadRiver, Livery by Stuzib85


Photo and livery by KILL3RCURTIS


Photo by iFSU Beetfarmer, Livery by KILL3RCURTIS


Photo and livery by P1R Baby Bull


Photo by IIII Zohan IIII, Livery by KILL3RCURTIS


Photo by NO DeCLouie TRC, Livery by Ace Ventura PI


That’s all we have time for this week and I do hope you enjoyed the article.If you have any feedback or comments regarding the article then please let me know in the In Focus forum thread. I’ll also be kicking off another In Focus photo contest thread tomorrow, so make sure to keep an eye out for that in the community events section of the forum.


See you again soon everyone!