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Forza Motorsport 6 E3 Demo

Brian Ekberg
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You’ve read what we have to say about Forza Motorsport 6, you’ve pored over the impressions from the media, and are following the Tweets and posts of fans who are attending E3 2015 here in Los Angeles. But, what about that E3 show floor demo? What’s it like getting hands-on with what Turn 10 is showing on the show floor?


First up, let’s take a look at the setup:



That triple screen race seat experience, custom-built for E3 2015 and made possible with the help of our friends at VRX Advanced Simulators, presents every bump, puddle and road transition in exact, hydraulic-powered detail. It’s a fantastic way to experience Forza 6 and it’s only here at E3 2015.


Personally speaking, the Forza Motorsport 6 E3 demo is the biggest one I’ve ever seen from Turn 10. We’re talking about four distinct experiences, each showcasing something cool about Forza Motorsport 6. Let’s take a closer look:


Return of a Legend

The Ford GT takes to the streets of Rio in a jam-packed 24-car race that shows off not only what Forza 6 can do visually, but how different Forza 6 feels from its predecessor. Consider that Rio track – two-and-a-half minutes of tight racing action packed into a Forza-fied version of one of the most beautiful, vibrant cities on the planet.


Now, most of you know that Rio was in the original Forza Motorsport game. I’ll say it now: Forget what you know about that track. The Rio in Forza 6 has been completely reimagined and is the result of all the passion and expertise that Turn 10 has learned and applied in the decade since the original Forza launched.


You start the race, where else?, but by the beach, racing along the Copacobana, with the sights and sounds of jumbo jets coming in for a landing at the nearby airport and the spray of the surf crashing onto the shore ahead of you. It isn’t long before you’re sprinting uphill, with brightly colored favelas dotting the distance before you sprint headlong into a long, dark tunnel.



Other famous sites greet you on a lap of Rio – the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, perched with open arms at the top of a nearby mountain, as well as a huge vista overlooking the city, the bright blue ocean, and the unmistakable outcroppings of hills and mountains beyond. Rio is full of unforgettable moments, but none like the sweeping downhill section as you re-enter the city. Think of the beautiful downhill right-hander on the Bernese Alps, or the Prague section overlooking the city from the park side – then add in the gorgeous aquamarine colors of the South Atlantic and you have an idea of what Rio is like.


How it looks is one thing – Rio plays like few other tracks. It’s a constant battle between extreme elevation changes and the track’s ever-changing width. It’s also one of the bumpiest tracks ever seen in Forza game. Every lap shows off the new suspension modeling, with the Ford GT’s advanced architecture soaking up the bumps with expert precision.



Then there’s the GT itself – a hypercar that’s at once poised and wild as you allow it to be. With all the driving assists off, the GT can be an unruly beast, and demands careful precision in controls – exactly what you’d expect from a performance machine from Ford. It’s precisely that unruliness that makes the experience of controlling all that power so satisfying.


An amazing Ford Performance car and a world-class track to drive it on; “Return of a Legend” is a fitting name for this perfect introduction to the Forza 6 experience at E3.


Racing in the Rain

Racing in the Ford GT on Rio is certainly iconic but, as Forza fans, I know you’re interested in the new hotness, namely racing in the rain and at night. For the first of those, we head to Brands Hatch in the Audi TTS Coupé. It’s pouring rain, as its wont to do in this part of the world, and that means that you get to experience the physically simulated 3D puddles that make wet racing such a joyous challenge in Forza 6.

Before we get to those puddles though, it’s worth nothing the rain itself. It beads up on the windshield at the start line and, once the car launches, the droplets begin to streak upward and over the hood. Turn the car left or right and the droplets will move accordingly; the faster you go the quicker the droplets will move across the windshield. In fact, the droplets act exactly like you would expect them to in the real world.



The same goes for those puddles. If you’ve ever been surprised by a puddle you didn’t see while driving, pulling your car to the side of the road, you’ll know what to expect from the puddles in Forza 6. Even getting a single tire in these 3D puddles will drag your car further into the water and, upon exist, you’ll fight to regain your lost grip on the soaking wet tarmac. With puddles found all over the track, you’ll need to carefully reconsider not just your braking points, but your strategy for passing cars. After all, one wheel in the wrong place can mean disaster for your race.


Amazing rain effects. Blinding spray from the cars ahead of you. Physically modeled puddles that change your race in substantial ways. And it’s all running at native 1080p at a silky smooth 60fps with 24 cars on the track. Just like Forza fans demand.


Midnight Run

Now we head to Sebring International Raceway. Our weapon of choice is the Lamborghini Huracán, which means we’ll be travelling at speeds that are just above comfortable for light levels this low. Sure, Sebring is well-known for its night racing but that doesn’t make the prospect of navigating the track’s notoriously tricky corners without the aid of sunlight any less daunting.



The thing is, you know that tricky right hander Turn 13 is coming, you’re prepared for it, even. But without the light to help you hit your marks, what is already a tricky bit becomes downright intimidating in the dark. Sebring is a great example of the two extremes we’ve used as guiding posts when designing the night racing experience for Forza 6. You have bright lights at the start from the pit walls and the stands giving some extra illumination. Then you have the more remote sections of the track where the darkness creeps in a bit and things get a bit more dodgy, especially if you don’t have any other cars around you to use as markers. Blasting down the long back straights, with the headlights of your opponents in your rear view mirror and fireworks bursting overhead, it’s easy to remember that it’s been a long time since we’ve had night racing in a Forza Motorsport game. And it’s so, so good to have it back.


Her Name is Rio

You want to experience the majesty of Rio but perhaps the Ford GT is too powerful for your tastes. Perhaps you want roll in something a bit more refined… a bit tamer. In this experience, you get to drive the Rio de Janeiro track in the Ferrari 250 GTO, a car whose modest pace makes it an approachable alternative for E3 Forza fans who prefer a cruise to an all-out sprint. It’s a perfect display of the variety of cars you can expect in Forza Motorsport 6.



So there you have it – a look at the biggest E3 demo we’ve ever done and still just a taste of the massive game we’ve got coming for you beginning on September 15. Stay tuned to more on Forza 6 in the coming weeks and stay tuned to us on Twitter and Facebook as we continue to bring you more from E3 2015!