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Forza Motorsport Week in Review 5-23-14

Brian Ekberg
Friday, May 23, 2014

Hey everyone! No big preamble from me today, as we’ve got a busy edition of the Week in Review for you and some awesome news to announce. So let’s dive right in!


Forza 5 Car Pass Extended to July


Recently, we’ve seen lots of questions from players around our ongoing plans for DLC in Forza Motorsport 5. After the release of the Meguiar’s Car Pack – which was originally scheduled to be the final pack included in the Forza 5 Car Pass – some players were wondering if we were done altogether with DLC for the game. I’m happy to put that notion to bed here and now; not only is more DLC on the way, but today we’ve also got some fantastic news for Forza 5 Car Pass owners.


As a thank you to all of our loyal fans, we are extending the life of the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass to include two additional monthly car packs. If you are a Car Pass owner, that means you’ll be getting the next two monthly DLC car packs – the “June” pack, which is scheduled for release next Friday (more on that below), as well as our “July” car pack – at no additional charge. That’s 20 additional cars for you to collect, customize, and race, bringing the total to 90 DLC cars for Forza 5 Car Pass owners!


Now, about that “June” pack. As most of you know, we typically release our Forza Motorsport 5 DLC car packs on the first Tuesday of each month. Under normal circumstances, that means that our next car pack would be released on Tuesday, June 2. This time, however, we are moving up our release schedule by a few days, which means the next Forza 5 DLC car pack will be available on Friday, May 30.


Like all Forza 5 DLC cars, once you own a pack (or individual cars) you’ll be able to add them to your Forza 5 garage without using in-game credits or tokens. Look for more details about the next monthly car pack for Forza 5 on Friday, May 30, and the full rundown on the July car pack in the coming weeks. As always, thanks for playing Forza 5 and look for more news soon!


Indy Weekend is Here

This weekend marks the return of one of the biggest races in the world: the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500 is almost upon us and we’ve got plenty of ways for you to enjoy it. First of all, if you’re watching the race, don’t be surprised if you see some Forza signage around the track, in particular near the stands.




If you happen to be attending the Indy 500 this weekend in person, then be sure and look for the Forza Motorsport 5 hospitality area, which is located in the Pagoda Plaza. There, you’ll find plenty of Xbox One stations featuring Forza Motorsport 5, where you can check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for yourself in IndyCars (or whatever cars you like). In fact, earlier in the week, IndyCar drivers Simon Pagenaud and Josef Newgarden made an appearance to get some quality Forza 5 time in. Check it out:



Now, perhaps you can’t be in Indy for the race itself and maybe you’ve got a previous engagement and won’t be able to watch the race live on Sunday. Fear not! For those of you who want to experience the thrill and challenge of Indy in Forza 5 on a schedule that works for you this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Our next Forza 5 in-game challenge – Brickyard Legend – opens at 9 a.m. Pacific today and it will put your open-wheel driving skills to the test. Want to collect a sweet new badge and title? To beat this challenge, you need to complete a race in our Indianapolis 500 multiplayer hopper (which also opens at 9 a.m. Pacific today) and drive at least 375 miles in the event. Sure that’s a long way to go on the big oval but, considering you’ll be racing at speeds well above 200 mph for most of the race, it’s going to go by quick.




Just like our recent Long Beach Challenge, the Brickyard Legend challenge will only be available to players this weekend – it closes at around 11 p.m. on Monday. So get your laps in as soon as you can!


New VIP Gift Car in “Store”

Have you seen the Forza Motorsport Merchandise Store? If you haven’t, it’s a good time to go check it out – especially considering our most recent VIP gift car, which will be going out later today. I don’t want to give away the full surprise – but let’s just say that this one was inspired by the Forza Store and Robin did a bang-up job creating something I think you guys will like. Look for it in your Forza Motorsport 5 inbox later today and look for another photo contest starring this very car coming soon afterwards.


Tanner Foust Car Photo Winner

Speaking of giveaway cars, last week we gave away an awesome VW Golf with a Tanner Foust Racing-inspired livery to all Forza 5 players to celebrate our recently announced partnership with Foust. The inevitable photo contest featuring the Golf followed and the Forza community came up HUGE in this one. You must love this car because this contest featured so many awesome shots it was difficult to choose our finalists, much less our eventual winner.


So, congratulations to HeartlessHorror, who took home the top prize with this amazing shot of the Foust Golf:


Foust Challenge Photo Contest winning photo by HeartlessHorror


Congratulations also go to the runners up tng night wolf, swtluu21, KILL3RCURTIS, Seps1974, Alpha Tide, and SpeedDemon0388, whose work will be featured in game. Amazing work, everyone!


New Xbox One Features Coming in June

More new features are coming to Xbox One beginning in June! If you missed the announcement made earlier this week, check out the update posted over at Xbox Wire. Personally, I’m looking forward to real names being available for players I hang out with online. Having a big Xbox Live Friends list is certainly cool but trying to remember the names of people you might never have met in person isn’t easy. What about you? Will you be searching for a new external hard drive to use with your Xbox One next month?


Finally this week, here’s two new bits of car-related video news that got me fired up; perhaps it will do the same for you!


First up, the fellas over at Jalopnik have news that a new Initial D movie is in the works. The movie is based on the popular manga and anime series of the same name and looks to be a reboot of sorts, covering the same ground as the early issues of the manga series. In true anime style, the full name of the movie will be “New Initial D The Legend 1: Awakening” because why not? Here’s the trailer to whet your appetite for some sweet, sweet, tofu-delivering, AE86-drifting action:



The movie will be released in Japan on August 23… no word yet on an English release but here’s hoping it won’t be long.


For a much different kind of driving, and a much different kind of car show, check out Jerry Seinfeld’s ongoing online series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” This season will feature Jerry traipsing about in all manner of awesome collectible cars, and yukking it up with show business buddies like Jon Stewart, Aziz Ansari, and more. Check out the trailer, which features, among others, the inimitable stand-up comedian George Wallace:



Looks like fun, right? The new season starts this summer, so gird yourselves accordingly.


That’s it, Forza Fans! Enjoy the Indy 500 and we’ll see you next week!


Forza Motorsport 5 community photocomp week Y favorite from Flam3d Scorpion


Photo credit to Alpha Tide for the photo used in the Week in Review thumbnail on the community news page and homepage news list.