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Tsukuba Circuit

Tsukuba Circuit is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, near Tsukuba Science City, a planned city designed to promote scientific learning. The famous double peaks of Mt. Tsukuba loom over the city and the track, visible as you pass through under the Dunlop bridge at turn four. Incidentally, Tsukuba is one of just a handful of tracks (including Circuit de la Sarthe and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca) that feature an iconic Dunlop footbridge. Opened in 1970, Tsukuba was intended to be a place to draw young people into the world of motorsports. Popular from the start, decades later Tsukuba retains more of a youthful, grassroots feel than larger and more established tracks like Suzuka, just as its creators intended. In fact, it has become ground zero for some of the most popular motorsport events in Japan for young viewers and drivers alike: drifting and time attack. Time attack, the aftermarket-originated concept of pitting highly tuned street cars against the clock utilizing flying starts and stock tires, is closely associated with Tsukuba. The very first time attack event, Rev Speed Super Lap Battle, was held at Tsukuba in 1990, inspiring other time attacks events that continue to this day showcasing the performance of modified cars fielded by tuning companies. Just 1.3 miles long, the track’s large-radius turns also make it perfectly suited for drifting. Whether your preference is drifting, time attack or traditional racing, the key to Tsukuba is keeping up your momentum and hitting the apexes with finesse.

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